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Agar limited has been involved in several projects and initiatives intended at empowering communities in arid lands to be more resilient, by providing trainings, equipment and above all market access in order to build and diversify income. We have worked with NGOs such as CESVI and COOPI from 2017, we collaborate with FAO from 2019 and have been involved in projects led by World Vision Kenya from 2020.

We are also an executive committee member of the Gum And Resins Association (GARA) and collaborate closely with institutional partners like KEFRI, KFS, NEMA, NDMA and of course County Governments in Kenya and even Districts in Uganda. In 2020 we received a grant of £100,000 from the British government through the Kenya Catalytic Job Fund (KCJF) in order to set up 100 acres of aloe plantations intended to build more income in arid lands communities, regenerate land and increase collection and production of Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils.