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Let us throwback to the time we weren't Agar.

Before founding #agarlimited our MD Tommaso and our Area Manager Kevin were working for KARA, a company we took from inactivity to regional operations (we worked in Uganda.. Last pic) setting the ground for what we do now, empowering pastoralist communities in arid lands and assessing value chains.

Yet, unscrupulous associates who posed as experts soon compromised the operations and we left that company, which soon after that sank back into oblivion.

We regrouped, we fundraised, we kept the core of the previous company and learnt from our mistakes. We founded Agar Limited making sure our vision and mission couldn’t be compromised again and here we are.. Stronger than ever.

Morale? Failures and setbacks are part of the process, always keep your head up and remember there’s a greater design, which hopefully you are drawing yourself.

Stay strong. Stay focused.

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