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“These 10 Essential Oils Are A Must-Have For Your Wellness Routines” – From “this is ess” lifestyle blog – October 2019

As Featured On This Is Ess
SourceThis Is Ess
TypeEssential Oils Feature
AuthorThe Essential Team


This Is Ess introduced their audience to the new additions in our Essential Oil line, commented on their sourcing and explained how to use them – because the compounds are bioactive, always combine with a base oil and if you’re looking to fill your room with the aroma of an essential oil (e.g. through a diffuser), consider others in your environment especially pregnant women, kids and pets. Always discuss with a medical practitioner in case of a serious health condition or under medication.

They highlighted some of the outlets where you can buy them –  Elixir Health Shop, Village Market, and Fava Herb, Mini Mall & teased an Instagram giveaway to their audience happening sometime later.

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